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Color Palette: Santa Barbara

Daydreams of far away lands tend to fill my head these days as my crazy schedule cuts into my exploring time. Thankfully, I live in California where you can drive an hour in any direction and easily discover a beautiful place that will satisfy your need to escape from time to time.

One of my most recent trips was in Santa Barbara. As we walked around the neighborhoods and tresspassed into some mission yards I was able to steal some pictures to share with you. Looking at them now makes me want to drop everything this weekend and take another drive up. The flowers and greenery covered eroding buildings and the cafes and shops were dressed in clean, happy colors which reminded me of towns near the sea in New England. The photos slid easily into most of my Spring/Summer Palettes with the soft pastels contrasting against pops lush greens and sky blues, using bright white and black for neutrals.

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